Do kids still know how to play outside?
You can still buy quality toys for your kids at the same price(or less)as a Mac Donalds meal. Marbles is making a big come back. Championship Marbles offer solid steel plated marbles, complete with a black PU leather bag. This range offers a fun way to develop young minds.
Beginners guide to Male sex toys
With male pleasure taking centre stage, there is a lot on offer for orgasm seekers. But where to start? Following, a simplified, no fuss explanation on the use of male mastubators, prostate massagers, cock rings and penis pumps. Enjoy!
Short and sweet 101 - Beginners guide to sex toys
Our DreamShelf staff compiled the shortest introduction to sex toys ever. Become a pro in less than 10 minutes by reading our quick guide to sex toy s and materials used. We hope you find this usefull. Have fun!
A - Z of sex positive by JeJoue

We just love this funny but honest JeJoue video! 

It seems that people are feeling more comfortable in their own skin these days.

Even celebs are talking about sex toys in the open. Having one or two or even more toys in your treasure chest is nothing strange anymore.

Enjoy sex responsibly!Je Joue Fifi rabbit vibrator

Fluff and stuff on sex toys

Sometimes compromise just isn't worh it!

If you are looking for a one night stand toy, this article is not for you. If you are however looking at investing in a long term sophisticated and ultimately rewarding sex toy, please continue reading.

There are so many sex toys out there. Where do you start? How do you choose?

At DreamShelf we have found that the majority of "budget" sex toys out there become tacky and sticky very quickly. As we are passionate about sexual health and wellbeing, this poses a huge concern. Regardless of cleaning them properly - the lack of quality material soon shows.

Poor quality toys tend to pick up fluff, hair and all sorts of unwanted quests. They are usually made from more porous materials that honestly, just spoils the fun even before it started.

When you look for a new sex toy, look for quality body safe silicone toys. Ultimately, choose rechargable ones. You will find they are luxuriously smooth and easily to clean. Be warned though, some of these toys look like collector pieces and you might be tempted to want to display them rather than hide them!

Our tip - Rather save a bit longer but enjoy your investment in a sexy new toy for years to come!


Ps. Remember to include the waterbased lube and toy cleaner.


Kegel away!

We find ourselves in an exiting era where the modern day women is much more aware and in touch with her own body.

The road has been paved for us to freely share sexual well being secrets and product aknowledgements.

Some of the great new products being introduced by most international brands, specifically focus on women's health and strenghening of the pelvic floor.

You must have heard the old saying: "If you don't use them, you loose them", and the term "kegal".

Kegel muscles(better known as pelvic musles), act like a sling, extending from the pubic bone in front to the coccyx or tailbone in the back. Unfortunately certain factors such as childbirth can weaken these muscles.

These muscles support all of your pelvic organs, bladder, uterus and bowel.

By using Kegel/Ben Wa devices for excercise you not only strenghthen these critical muscles, but you can also increase the intensity of your orgasms.

Evidence suggest that excercise balls were used as early as 500 A.D in Japan. In the later portion of the 20th century, "Ben Wa" balls were sold in oriental gift and sex shops alike.

We today offer advanced and trusted body safe products like Fun Factory Smartballs UNO, Smartballs DUO and many other devices and brands.

Speak to you healthcare professional and then... Kegel away!

Take care.

DreamShelf Team